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Welcome to

  We have tablature and sheet music for all bands for guitar, piano and even drums for some of them.  There are bands that are briefly covered and some with in depth profiles and pictures along with the tablature.  Beyond the tab itself, we have charts explaining how to read tab.  You will also find valuable home recording tips.  We hope your visit to our site is both enjoyable and helpful in your development as a musician.

Guitar and Related Areas

This section is of the site is strictly for guitar tablature, often referred to as tab or notation - sometimes even spelled tabliture.  It is the best way of showing notes and chords for guitarists in which each line represents a string and the number on the line is the fret to play on that string. You won't need lessons if you have guitar tabs.  Also bass tablature is often available.  Some of the free tablature is less accurate but at least it is free.  The full books are very accurate and sometimes worth the purchase price.  We have tried to include some free tab on each of the featured bands.



Piano Sheet Music and Tablature


Many types of Piano sheet music are available.  Some of the sheet music also has notation or tableture.  When I first started playing keyboards, I didn't use sheet music.  I just learned the chords so I could improvise.  Now that I have developed my playing, I realize that learning to read music was the most important thing.  I started by learning tablature and then started to recognize chords.  It didn't take long from there before I was reading sheet music as easy as reading a book.  It also helped with playing other instruments as well.


Drum Tabliture

We have Drum Tablature for many different  Drummers and Bands.  Drum Tablature can be extremely helpful in developing your drumming.  I have used Drum Tabs  to improve and add to my current Drum Beats.  Tabelature can give you the individual beats and you can build on them from there.  Another excellent tool for learning drums is instructional video.  I have several drum videos that have helped me immensely.  It really helped in the early stages but now I mostly just use drum tablature to add to my collection of beats.


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